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JVI-Engineering is the division of JV International dedicated to strategic and technical consulting in the world of footwear.

We support companies in their strategic and technical choices. 

We devise innovative solutions, develop new technologies and exclusive design concepts, define new materials, produce soles and components for footwear.

The experience and the high know-how consolidated over the years are made available to companies to find integrated solutions in every application segment of footwear: from Fashion to Outdoor, from Lifestyle to Work & Safety.

diagonale engineering

What we developed

Over 350 patents, more than 60 new materials, a range of exclusive technologies, thousands of projects developed since 2014 to date: these numbers are proof of the expertise and added value that our work can create.

We offer integrated consultancy, bringing our know-how at all stages of designing a shoe: from tread design to compound identification, from the choice of upper materials to its structure, with the aim of identifying the best possible solutions at each and every step.

JVI-Engineering adresses those companies that aspire to grow relentlessly through innovation, changing the rules of the game.




New materials


Projects developed

We make our know-how and experience available to footwear companies,
creating added value and multiplying opportunities for success.

Know-how and sole technologies

What we propose

Our partners – the world’s biggest in the footwear industry – find in JV International the ideal partner for all tactical and strategic activities: product and technology development, sole production and distribution. This approach allows our partner companies to plan and achieve unstoppable growth and change the rules of the game.

For companies that share the same ambitions and aspire to gain more and more control and success over their own skills, technologies and soles, we offer solutions to:

Increase their know-how in soles and technologies

Manage and check product quality and performance

Plan continuous improvement of sole sustainability

Create stories to communicate values, benefits and uniqueness

Know-how and sole technologies

How we do it

We provide solutions to meet all the needs of our partners.




Market research, competitive analysis, design concept, design definition, 2D, 3D, intellectual property procedure.



Development and supply of rubber compound formula and support for its industrialization.



Delivery of our master batches to control the quality and performance of the soles.



Technical and procedural support for industrialization. Advice and development of the best test procedure for master batches.



Development and definition of the best sole testing methods for each application.



Technical training on formulations, master batches, testing.



Consulting in technical design of soles and shoes (2D + 3D + sample mold).



Performance verification of soles and shoes (field and laboratory testing).



World-wide production organization to provide the best quality soles where the customer needs.



Check materials performance
(lab test).

We know how to catch your wishes and create tailor-made solutions to achieve your goals.
The results you are looking for are our daily motivation.


Original equipment manufacturer

M-GO is our brand dedicated to the production of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) soles.

The quality of our products, guaranteed by a certified manufacturing network supervised directly by our local teams, is the exclusive hallmark of our offer.

A modular concept that from design to production offers companies a customised and exclusive product.


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