Our Vision

We conceive solutions
that bring a unique experience to people in motion

Our Mission

“At JV International we conceive highly technological solutions with the aim of reinventing the functionality and design of each type of sole for each type of shoe.

We work to ensure innovation and sustainability in the footwear industry. A journey that we have been traveling for years with enthusiasm and dedication in order to facilitate movement, safety and performance in every context and condition.

In a constantly changing world, driven by the search for new paradigms between sustainability and performance, we act with our constant commitment and our work characterized by high know-how and lively creativity, developing concrete and original projects with an eye to the future.”

Creating solutions that can
make a difference is our mission

Our Business Units

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The division that conceives, develops and produces Michelin soles.

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The division created to renew, improve and give new life to footwear, through an extensive catalog of Michelin soles.

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JVI-Engineering is the division of JV International dedicated to strategic and technical consulting in the world of footwear.

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