A team of dedicated and experienced senior professionals.

Europe & US

ambrogio merlo 1

Ambrogio Merlo

Management / Associate

andrea de pascale 1

Andrea de Pascale

Management / Associate

antonio ferrante 1

Antonio Ferrante


elena mitziuk 1

Elena Mitziuk

Administration Team

eleonora aquili

Eleonora Aquili

R&D – Design Team

federica volonterio 2

Federica Volonterio

Marketing & Communication Team

filippo sartor 1

Filippo Sartor

Sales Team / Associate 

giustiano peruzzo

Giustiano Peruzzo

R&D – Design Team / Associate

Glen McKibben

Glen McKibben


miriam castiglioni 2

Miriam Castiglioni

Administration Team

morena baleani 1

Morena Baleani

Sales Team

niccolo benassi 3

Nicolò Benassi

Sales Team


Noemi Lo Vecchio

Administration Team

orietta giliberti 3

Orietta Giliberti

Management / Associate

jvi risorse square rossana grimoldi

Rossana Grimoldi

Administration Team

trond sonnergren 1

Trond Sonnergren

Management / Associate

veronica castelli

Veronica Castelli

Marketing & Communication Team


z Anne Chen 2021 10 05

Anne Cheng

Administration Team


Bobby Huang

Management / Associate

z Jack Tan 2021 10 04

Jack Tan

Production & Quality Team

z Mclean Wang 2021 10 05

Mclean Wang

Administration Team

z Pan Wong 2021 10 05

Pan Wong


z Peter Shu 2021 10 05

Peter Shu

Production / Management

z Roger Wu 2021 10 05

Roger Wu


Steven Huang 2022 07 28

Steven Huang

Production & Quality Team

Vincent Song 2021.11.11

Vincent Song

Administration Team

z Wesley Xu 2021 10 05

Wesley Xu

Production & Quality Team

in the world

JV International has its HQ based in Italy, and owns 3 Companies:
JVI-China based in Dongguan ; JVI-HongKong based in Hong Kong; JVI-North America based in Vermont. The company can count on an international team of experienced people driven by passion and with great professional experience.

The team is responsible for implementing the strategies and coordinating R&D, product development, production, sales, branding, marketing & communication and administration.

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logo JVI white


Via Provinciale, 80
22038 Tavernerio (Co) – Italy

design & product development center

Via del Perlar, 24
37135 Verona – Italy

U.S. Office

1069 Sand Hill Road-Wolcott-Vermont-05680-4350

China office

Dongguan Qiyao Footwear Technology Co., Ltd.
Room 712, No. 45, East Houjie Avenue, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Hong Kong Office

Unit A, 5/F, Max Share CTR.
373 King’s Road, North POint, Hong Kong