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JV International has always operated, with passion and enthusiasm, in the footwear industry, in an ever-changing world driven by the search for new paradigms between sustainability and performance.

We mainly target the footwear industries, approaching collaboration from multiple points of view according to the most specific needs of each partner. We therefore place ourselves as a key player, thus offering our clients expertise and activities on three main levels.

We work primarily on the concept, design and production of soles and other technical components.

A second level refers to the concept and development of exclusive technologies, compound and materials.

Strategic and consulting support aimed at brands in the world of footwear is JV International‘s additional area of specialization.

"People Driven" orientation

We are experts in performance, technology and creativity. We are, above all, the bearers of a strong knowledge in terms of the scenario. Indeed, we constantly study and analyze the universe of sports and outdoor performance (of which we are enthusiastic players), the trends within the lifestyle world and the Work & Uniform segment.

We are, thus, able to address our partners to the most personal and ever-changing expectations of people in every context and condition, in order to gain a real competitive advantage.

Our principles, experience and structure also make us an ideal partner today in the field of strategic and technical consulting in the world of footwear. In particular, we are experts in the areas of design, production, communication and marketing of technical ingredients for footwear, in all market segments.

In our work, sustainability is a guiding concept. It is a way of thinking, reasoning and acting on a daily basis. A journey that day after day leads us to adopt behaviors and actions that are less and less impactful on the environment and increasingly constructive on a social and working level.


Our Business Units

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The division that conceives, develops and produces Michelin soles.

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The division created to renew, improve and give new life to footwear, through an extensive catalog of Michelin soles.

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