Context & Conditions

The Research & Development division is the driver of our success: we constantly analyze global demand and trends, we study movement in all its forms, in any context and in any climatic, environmental and situational condition.

The daily challenge of our researchers is to identify the most performing, safe and aesthetically fascinating solutions in any field of use.

We work on the concept of “grip“, using our techniques to create solutions that maximize adherence to the ground in wet or dry conditions, on off-road routes or on more “regularroutes, in winter and summer.

At JV International we know that every step gained on the ground means advantage for the athlete, a completely safe operation for the Firefighter or Special Forces and comfort for everyday life.

grip 2

Lightness means increasing the potential of performance by reducing physical effort and the effects on people’s health, but also the daily indoor and outdoor liveability.

For JV International, lightness is not just about “weight”, but considers many factors, including energy saving, agility, performance and so on.

JV International is focused on the people performance needs.

So we create and develop the right solution to reach the best possible performances in every possible application.

The result we achieve is the output of an unendless process of research and development focused on improving people’s daily lives.

comfort 2

Comfort means making each person feel comfortable in carrying out their activities.

In JV International we consider the definition and the search for comfort in every situation as a key factor to reach an ideal balance between performance and quality of life.

“Just like performance and design, comfort is part of the best ‘in motion’ experience.”

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